Almost everyone during their lifetime will use a map for some purpose. In today’s modern world access to maps is often done through apps. Or, perhaps through a GPS. There are also many different types of maps. This is an amazing resource that is often taken for granted. This site has been developed in the hopes of creating a new appreciation for maps which starts by taking one back in time where old maps could have meant the difference between life or death during the era they were used in. To make this site more enjoyable information has been segregated into categories.

Specific Topics

There are specific topics to be enjoyed here that include highlighting some of the famous explorers who took on the task of mapping our world. Then there is some interesting information about how the world was mapped. For those who are intrigued with geographical history they will wants to look at post concerning maps of early explorers.

Modern Day Maps

Some may think that maps have lost their value but what they don’t realize is that maps are just as important today as they were in the days of the explorers. The big difference is in the way they are accessed using modern technology such as a GPS or apps. The section here on modern day maps focuses on the importance of these maps today.

Recent News

The recent map news is full of current and exciting news related material that has some connection to maps. It is interesting to read and informative.